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Sofa Cleaning Tips

Just like with the other pieces of furniture, sofas get dirty. For instance, drinks can spill on them. Pets can also track mud on your sofa. This should not worry you because the process involved in cleaning them is relatively easy. It can be done easily when you have great cleaning supplies and ample time. This article is going to discuss some of the cleaning tricks and tips that will make your furniture look great and smell fresh.

Pre-cleaning your sofa

Vacuuming up the large particles

This is done before deep-cleaning. It is done to remove the surface debris and other particles from the sofa’s surface. Clearing the sofa is done using a vacuum cleaner that has a hose attachment or a dust-buster. It is designed with a narrow attachment that can get easily into the crevices. It is also effective in vacuuming the cushion’s surfaces.sofa cleaning

Remove spots using a bristle brush

Spots of dirt or heavy dust are removed using a stiff-bristled brush. This brush is helpful in breaking up such spots and vacuuming the released dirt. This is then followed by rubbing the furniture vigorously. Care should be taken to ensure that the fabric is not damaged.

Removing fur and lint

These cannot be removed using an average vacuum cleaner. Instead, they are removed using a lint roller. This should be done systematically across the sofa’s entire surface to remove all the hair.

Wiping down the exposed hard surfaces

Most of the modern sofas consist of exposed surfaces that are either made of wood or other classic materials. The exposed surfaces should also be given attention. They should be rubbed using an appropriate cleaning product. During this process, the fabric should be covered using a paper towel to prevent the unwanted chemical from getting on it.

Determine the fabric material making your sofa

The tag attached to the sofa can help you in knowing the type f the fabric used in making your furniture. These tags have instructions that specify the type of the cleaning products that should be used on the fabric.sofa fabric

Use a steam cleaner and water-based detergent to clean the fabric sofa

This is first done by pre-conditioning the fabric using a fabric pre-conditioner. This is a product that can be obtained easily from the local grocery stores. You should choose a product that does not decolourise your sofa. This product is sprayed all over the surfaces of the furniture.

Making a solution of water and detergent

These products are mixed in a bowl. The solution obtained is the spot-tested by rubbing it on a small portion of the sofa. You should leave it for about ten minutes and then check it.


Top Qualities of a Good Spa manager

There has been a drastic increase in the popularity of wellness and spas offerings at the major rests and hotels globally. This has, in turn, lead to a high demand for spa managers. Spas that are well-run and managed are known for attracting new customers and retaining them for long. They have ended up increasing their total revenues. Professional and qualified spa staffs are known for exhibiting exceptional leadership, organizational, and financial skills.

Leadership qualities

These managers should be capable of communicating well with the guest, suppliers, and other stuff. You should know that most of the difficult situations can only be solved with empathy and a little diplomacy. Tact, open communication, and encouragement are some of the communication styles that every spa manager should have. They should always act professionally. It is their responsibility to network with the other professionals and research on the new trends that are more viable for a successful business. Having good leadership skills will make you a great decision-maker.manager

A team player

They should be capable of working closely with the other departments. Respecting the other teams will help you in providing the much –needed and necessary support even in difficult situations. Individuals having this quality are always respected and appreciated.

Being organized

A good spa manager should be active in nearly all the activities in a hotel or resort. He should make an effort of finding products, information, and reports. This can help him or her in scheduling time for carrying out goal setting and strategic planning for the business. Forecast, staff training, sale projections, and forecasts are some of the essential tools that are used in strategic planning. Hiring a good spa manager will help you in planning everything. This is the skill that differentiates them from the other managers.

Exceptional people skills

The staff is an invaluable asset to any business. As a manager, you should always prioritize on staff development and training. This will help in keeping them up-to-date with all the latest techniques, products, and trends. Training your staff and imparting this information will make you one of the greatest managers. This is something that can be achieved by hiring for personality and training for skill.skills

Being IT and financially savy

Apart from the financial skills, he or she should have excellent IT skills. This is necessary for social media, business plans and promotional or marketing activities. This has helped them in formalizing and understanding budgets, loss, and profits.